book a try-on in Cape Town

Please note: items cannot be put aside or reserved for try-ons. Rentals that have been paid in full take preference to try-on appointments. These appointments are a browsing experience of what is available in the studio at the time of your appointment. 

If you are only interested in one specific item, please rent it through our website and select pick-up and try-on. 

 SR FIT-DAY: these will take place every thursday & friday from 9am - 5:15pm and Saturday from 9:45-13:00 from our CPT Showroom.

how to attend a fit-it day:

 1. please book + pay for an appointment using the below, depending on which branch you would like to visit: 

book a try-on in Cape Town: 71 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town. *saturday bookings now open!

2. this will not be a solo appointment but rather an SR shop experience, so you may be sharing the space with up to two other rotators. we have three changing rooms available and you can try-on as many items as you would like during the 45 minute period. 

3. a try-on appointment is R95, this fee allows you to try-on all of our available looks in our showroom in your 45-minute appointment slot.*FAQ - Why do we charge a try-on fee?:*
  •  Since we only allow 3x customers a session to keep things intimate, we need to protect ourselves from no-shows.
  •  It covers our sales assistant fees
  • It also covers wear and tear that can occur during our try-ons. E.g if a garment has a makeup stain, or body odour, or is damaged in any small way, we’ll have to send the item to our dry cleaning partners or our seamstress for mending.
Please note: this amount is non-refundable however we are happy to reschedule your appointment should you need to cancel your booked slot

FAQ: can i reserve an item for a fit-it day?

sadly not! paid rentals take preference over try-ons, so come with an open mind and have a browse of what's on offer - we take pride in our ever-growing wardrobe. if you have your heart on something specific, rather use our pick-up/try-on option to ensure your look is secured - see below.


1. browse our website and book your rental online (just like you would with online shopping)

2. at checkout you’ll see an option ‘pick up + try on’ - this gives you the chance to secure your preferred look AND to try it on your rental start date (up to 4 days before your occasion or event)

-if you select a delivery date of Wed/Thurs/Fri, we will still only collect your rental from you on Monday (we don't deliver or collect on weekends)

 3. on your rental *start date* your look will be steamed + ready for you to try-on at our CPT studio. no need to let us know your'e coming or to "book" a slot, your order will tell us you are coming!

FAQ: but what if it doesn’t fit?

no problem, you can exchange your look for any other available look in our showroom OR get a full refund if you can’t find something suitable.





How to find us: JHB

We have officially moved into our JHB showroom space, which can be found in the courtyard of 138 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood.

book a JHB try-on now

How to find us: Cape Town

We suggest parking in the Heritage Square parking lot across from our studio at 71 Shortmarket Street.

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